Focusing My Feminist Lens

        This girl is tired. Being a badass woman is hard work when you’re just starting out. You’d think in this day in age there wouldn’t be too many hurdles to jump. Women are in the workforce, we have been graciously allowed to vote, they let us drive cars and get divorces and decide when we want to grow new people in our own bodies (sometimes.) So what is a third/fourth waver supposed to do? Apparently commenting about media and entertainment is out of the question. Yes, because we feminists are mean, humorless, harpies that never have anything nice to say and lack the capacity have fun. You see, I grow quite weary of being told to “lighten up” or “stop taking things so seriously”. Believe it or not, sometimes I do watch and enjoy things that aren’t exactly politically correct. It’s all about the both/and. Glee is both a scrumptious hour of musical delight and slightly tokenizing. Sex and the City is both an entertaining depiction of  the strength female friendship and highly problematic for many reasons, one being that it is one of THE WHITEST SHOWS EVER. See what I mean? You take the good and keep the bad in mind. 

      Instead of setting aside my feminist lens or looking past it completely, I try to keep it in focus and at the ready. This is especially true when it comes to media marketed heavily to women, let’s say daytime talkshows or romantic comedies. Not to mention the minefield of advertisements we encounter everyday. When the commercials get me down and I start getting frustrated, I turn to Sara Haskins and her Target Women segment on Current TV’s Infomania. To me, she’s the best example of feminist criticism with sense of humor fully intact. Have a look below.

That said, I should confess. I have some weak spots, namely Say Yes to the Dress and fart jokes.

Target Women


2 thoughts on “Focusing My Feminist Lens

  1. Jared James says:

    I would just like to add: COCKS LOL

  2. lmolson89 says:

    Thanks. Needed that.

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