Hi. Let’s be friends.

But  on one condition:

You must set aside all douchebaggery. That said…

       I come from/still live in a part of the world that people like to ignore. It’s called the Midwest and I’m starting to own it as a big part of my identity. No mountains, no oceans, no problem, right? Actually, lots of problems. Missouri is the most commonly forgotten state on basic US geography tests. Why? I’m grappling with this question because sometimes even I would like to forget that I grew up here. But some things (float trips, sunday school, and the smell that sticks to you when you eat Sonic) just don’t was off that easily. 

       Here in my home state you can get this incredibly diverse microcosm of American existence. Extreme poverty and affluence, racial tensions, and intense division between rural and urban areas. Shit happens here, folks. Real, scary, relevant shit. A little girl disappears in a Florida suburb and the news media is all over it, but the same things are happening in the tiny little towns around me and I never see any cameras. Every day at my university I’m exposed to some of the most progressive and intellectual people I’ve ever met. However, I know that just a single 2-hour trip to the town I grew up in, Pleasant Hill, will bring me back to how upsetting and backwards life can be here.

      Many of my friends are on the verge of graduation. I hear them talk wistfully of their potential graduate studies in Chicago, Boulder, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, and *insert anywhere but Missouri here*. They speak of how their imminent flight from the Show Me state will make them more free to fuck shit up. They’ll live in the corners of this country where it’s easier for my comrades in arms to be who they are. But where does that leave the rest of us? What happens when all the radical people leave just so they can be more comfortable? Who’s going to do the dirty work and make this forgotten state a better place to live? Well, I think I might be one of them that stays. Not because I want to, not because I don’t want to see what else the world offers me, but because shit needs fucking up in the heartland.

     So, that’s what I want this blog to be about. I’m slowly but surely coming with some…erm… interesting features. I plan on using every women’s restroom on the Mizzou campus during my time here. I will provide a weekly spotlight on the best and worst that I have discovered. I want to better illustrate the social landscape here. I want to talk about the characters I meet in my life. And stuff.

And remember kiddos, with feminism everyone wins.


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